Community Health Survey

Our Campaign

Rise Up East New York is an action movement with a mission to mobilize community residents and bring together unconventional partners within East New York and the surrounding neighborhoods. We are a unique community led and driven movement devoted to achieving a  better health and quality of life for everyone in our great community, with its great heritage and bright future.

Headquartered right on Cozine Ave. our vision is to include East New York among the healthiest, most equitable, longest-lived and best quality-of life communities in New York City that will serve as a model for improving all urban areas of the U.S. The purpose of the movement is to radically change the way we relate to the healthcare system. To be successful, we must involve all sectors of our community (far beyond the healthcare providers) – together we are unleashing the tremendous power for positive change that lies untapped within us. Others may talk about making change. East New York, pulling together, is doing it.  We are the change!

The Rise Up East New York movement exists because we cannot wait for anyone else, including governmental agencies, to make our community healthier – that mission belongs to us. To learn more and, most importantly, to join the fight for Rise Up East New York to achieve its goals and for ENY to become a model for our City, state and country, please get in touch and together we will make it happen!

Our community needs help:

East New York has some of the least desirable health statistics, shortest life expectancy, and poorest quality of life in New York State and our community deserves better. For example, ENY has more than double the rate of avoidable hospitalizations than the NYC average. With high numbers of low income families who struggle to secure basic needs like housing and food and a quarter of Brooklyn residents lacking a primary care provider we must do more to improve the health and quality of life of our community.

We’re working to change that:

Healthcare needs change and our community deserves better. Together, in an extraordinary way, our community will be the change. We have a strong network of community partners and volunteers who are leading that change. Residents, houses of worship, schools, healthcare providers, businesses large and small, political leaders, you name it – everyone – are involved in making the needed changes.

People are not the problem, they must be a critical part of the solution and it’s time for them to Rise Up and help drive the necessary solutions. East New York is going to set the standard for what can be done, setting an example for the rest of New York City, the State, and the Country.  East New York is going to shine!

We’re developing brand new ways to identify chronic disease early and provide support and education.

We’re starting with helping to raise the profile of kidney disease. Find out more about kidney health.

Some of the things we’re working on:

  • Delivering chronic disease education materials to residents of East New York
  • Increasing organ donor enrollments alongside LiveOnNY
  • Recruiting and training Health Ambassadors to deliver educational seminars across Central Brooklyn
  • Creating internship opportunities in health sciences with local colleges/universities
  • Distributing 18,000 cease & desist informational flyers addressing aggressive real estate solicitation to private residences
  • Planning to train local youth Health Ambassadors throughout East New York
  • Developing a network of faith leaders who can act to increase chronic disease screening
  • Building revolutionary risk prediction tools to identify disease early

Words are comforting but actions are empowering.  Together, we will be the action that emboldens a stronger and healthier community.